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Lunch, sponsored by the West Point Society of the Piedmont, will be held at the Grandover Resort.

Joe Galloway’s bestseller is required reading in military circles.

Galloway’s book is required reading in military circles.

Galloway wrote a New York Times bestseller, “We Were Soldiers Once … And Young,” in collaboration with Moore.

“It took six months to write this book, but 10 years to research it – it’s actually a soldier’s story told in their own words,” says Galloway. It was printed in six languages ​​and sold over 1.3 million times.

The book spawned a popular movie, We Were Soldiers, which was produced in 2002. Moore was played by Mel Gibson, Barry Pepper played Galloway, who tells us: “The film is 75 percent reality, 25 percent (other ingredients).”

The 455-page book about the first great battle in Vietnam is written from a first-person perspective, vivid, authoritative and meticulously researched. It is required reading in numerous military circles.

Our eighth grade grandson’s history teacher even rates the book as scientific. A current assignment: “Lessons learned from Ia Drang, Old America vs. New America mentality, unscrupulous Hollywood productions, our attitude towards North Vietnam – then and now, and is it good or bad that school children are not taught big battles? ? “

What the book doesn’t say is telling too.

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