Watch Now: Artist Cleans Up Spray Paint Used To Deface George Floyd Portrait In Downtown Greensboro | Native information

GREENSBORO – Artist Jenna Rice worked Sunday afternoon to remove the spray paint vandals that darkened the eyes on her portrait of George Floyd in a downtown store. There were also reports of other graffiti showing the words “White Power” along South Elm Street.

Greensboro police spokesman Ron Glenn said officials have been patrolling the area since Mayor Nancy Vaughan imposed a city-wide curfew Tuesday. He was not aware of any complaints with the police about the spraying of the portrait.

Police chief Brian James said at a press conference last week that the protesters who vandalized parts of downtown on May 30th came from “outside the community”. Glenn said Sunday that authorities are still actively investigating this vandalism and are asking people in the community who have information about it to come forward.

“Hopefully we’ll find those responsible,” said Glenn.

Rice had painted the mural on plywood that was placed in a restaurant on South Elm Street after its windows were broken after protests in the area turned violent last month.

Protests have continued since Floyd was killed in Minneapolis police custody on Memorial Day.

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