‘We will not simply transfer’: property offered, Greensboro RV park is leaving | Native information

The Hiatt Street property is already under contract with new owners who want to build apartments there. Families say it has been difficult to find another place within the city limits to move their RVs.

Anderson said her recently deceased aunt stated in her will that the property would be sold and the proceeds shared among her grandchildren.

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“We’re just trying to do that,” said Anderson, who is the executor.

Those involved agree that the Jamison property has been a dense, affordable mobile home community within the city limits for decades and has been particularly attractive to immigrants since the 1990s. The owner, Shirley Todd Jamison, who worked in the Guilford County Health Department, spent nearly four decades in Latin America as a nurse and missionary. She died in March 2017.

Anderson said the process of reallocating the property for residential use had been public, as required by law. A notice about the meeting was posted on the property, she said.

In a sad turn, supporters say, local residents had gathered around the sign on the day of the meeting, thinking it would take place there.

“You have free speech, but I think what you are doing is wrong,” said Anderson of the protests.

Community lawyers say the family did not mention the RV community on the property in their application for rededication.

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