“You’ll not be judged right here.” 1000’s attend the Greensboro Satisfaction Competition in help of native information for the LGBTQ group

He chose to wear his brotherhood colors on Sunday because Castillo said his brothers were his biggest support system alongside his family. He said he was initially afraid that a gay man would not be accepted by his brotherhood.

“I was told you were a brother no matter what,” he said.

Lacie Morgan, a student in southwest Guilford, said she always wanted to attend a Pride festival.

“Here people can be who they want to be and not be judged by other people,” said Morgan of High Point.

Summerfield’s Heather Replogle said Sunday’s Pride Festival was a first for her.

“We’re here to support a friend and celebrate everyone’s acceptance,” said Replogle.

For Leah Gillis, owner of Send Your Love Florist & Gifts, it was personal to be the salesperson at the event.

“Love is love,” said Gillis. “I believe in supporting my customers, friends, and family, and flowers are a beautiful expression of that.”

Gillis ‘sister Kathleen Tompkins was unable to attend, but Tompkins’ wife Meredith Tompkins was doing the makeup in the cubicle they shared.

Winston-Salem’s Darrin Porter and Liberty’s Philip Layton were stopped by three different people within minutes of the festival’s arrival. The duo wore colorful handcrafted wings that Porter made as part of their festival outfits for two weeks.

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